‘Jennifer’s Body’ Red Band Trailer is All Sorts of Ridiculous

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s bloodthirsty, demon-possesed, hyper sexualized Megan Fox! If that’s not our country’s new version of a superhero, I’m not sure what is. We’ve been waiting to see Megan Fox get her psycho killer on, and now with this new redband trailer from ShockTillYouDrop (click that if the embed doesn’t work), we finally get a full-on dose.

The results? I mean, she’s hot.

Want to know what happens when Diablo Cody writes horror? Well, as it turns out, it comes across like it could have been written by a fourteen year old girl. Example:

Mean Girls Girl: Jennifer is evil.

Doofy guy:
Yeah, I know.

Mean Girls Girl:
No I mean, like really evil, not high school evil.



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