Jar Jar Binks Dies in Episode One Deleted Scene

Alright, I’ve been perplexed about this video all day, and maybe some of you can help be straighten out what’s going on here. It’s supposedly a deleted scene from Star Wars: Episode I that shows Jar Jar Binks biting the dust. In the clip, Obi-wan and Qui-gon manage to get out of their submarine-thing once it surfaces, but the pull of a waterfall threatens to pull it off a cliff. The two Jedi make it out, but Jar Jar can’t escape and is dashed against the rocks below.

Now, is this really, ridiculously clever editing, or is this actually a deleted scene? Were they honestly considering killing Binks off like this in episode one? Is it a deleted scene someone modified to make it look like he died? How did a submarine surface on the top of waterfall? So many questions.

What do you make of this? Legit or wishful thinking?

  • Steve

    It’s a clip from a FAN EDIT of PM. There’s dozens, maybe even a hundred different fan edits of the SW movies, with episode 1 being the prime example of course.

  • David R

    If I recall correctly, here’s a longer, legitimate deleted scene on the Phantom Menace DVD that includes Jar-Jar jumping out before the waterfall. It’s findeable on youtube, and this is an amusing re-edit of that scene. Apparently Lucas went for one thrill too many and wound up splitting the waterfall out of the final movie. Man, this version would be the most hilariously pointless death sequence in the history of the medium.

  • Eric Juneau

    There’s no way that could be real. Don’t you remember how Jar-Jar Binks’s face was plastered on EVERYTHING in 1999? From Taco Bell cups to home pregnancy tests? They were making that guy the face of the new Star Wars.