James Cameron Congratulates Kathryn Bigelow


Did I mention they used to be married? That explains it all…

Since I’ve got nothing really more to add to this awesome picture, I’ll just talk a little bit about my thoughts on the whole Avatar vs. Hurt Locker Oscar debate.

I actually things went exactly the way they should have, with Avatar picking up a lot of visual effects and production-type awards and Hurt Locker winning the big ones. I know that we’ve become sort of a Mecca for Hurt Locker haters thanks to Madison’s review, but it’s one film where I do disagree with him (that rarely happens), as I found a lot of layers in the film in subsequent viewings I didn’t see before.

In any case, the whole Avatar vs. Hurt Locker debate reminds me of Annie Hall vs. Star Wars way back in 1977. Annie Hall won the statue, but it’s really laughable to even try to compare the two in the first place. And even though it didn’t win, Star Wars clearly went on to become the most defining pop culture phenomenon of all time, and I would argue that it still is to this day. Who cares if it won an Oscar thirty years ago?

It’s similar with Avatar, which I do NOT view as “the new Star Wars” as many were hyping it to be, but it is a great new franchise, and I think its insane highest grossing statistic is more impressive and will last a great deal longer than an Oscar or two. Did most people remember that Titanic won a bunch of Oscars, or that it had an insurmountable box office record for well over a decade? I would argue the latter is what people most associate with the film, and the same will be true for Avatar for many, many years.

An Oscars without anyone being shafted, I think that might be a first.