Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Stunts


This video says it was posted last month by Cinemassacre, but I swear I saw it years ago first back when I was first starting to get into the Angry Video Game Nerd. It was cool then, and it’s cool now, and James Rolfe takes a break from his usual bashing of bad games to give us a look at Jackie Chan’s most badass stunts of all time.

There are many actors who claim to “do their own stunts” but only one who truly does them all. Over the years Chan has had no trouble risking life and limb for our amusement, and it’s even resulted in some serious injuries over time. I’ve also learned that whenever I get hurt, I should just rub that part of my body vigorously while hissing. It’s the Jackie Chan cure.

Some of these are truly insane, and the whole video is definitely worth a watch.


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