Jackie Chan Demonstrates CGI-Less Stunts


The problem with many modern action movies is that they rely so heavily on CGI and wire-assisted stunts that they just lose any sense of realism, and feel even more like movies than they would otherwise.

That’s why Jackie Chan has always been an outlier in the action movie community. He not only does all his own stunts, but helps train others to do the same. This video shows him and his crew training to do some of the more painful stunts found in many of his martial arts movie.

Sadly, I think Chan is one of the last bastions of this type of movie fighting. It seems that only a few select foreign actors (Tony Jaa) are carrying on this sort of tradition as CG technology becomes cheaper and more accessible. But real stunts, in my eyes, will always be of higher quality.

  • Sams

    That’s nuts. I never think about it in the films but some of those look seriously painful landings for stuntmen!

  • Pijus

    Check out Scott Adkins and Undisputed 2. His style reminds me of Tony Jaa. Lots of acrobatics and mind melting spin kicks, very few wires.