It’s Gotta Happen Some Time Right?

He might be the greatest movie villain in history, but even Darth Vader, at one point or another, had to take a dump.

Now, I’m sure he had some special hyperbaric chamber to do so, not a mere curtain as this picture form Chow Hon Lam suggests, but it’s still quite a funny concept.

It made me think of all our great movie heroes and villains at one point, needed to stop and drop the kids off at the pool. Which other character might be quite as hilarious as Vader?

  • Sideshow

    1. Batman, because it’s hard to be tough and serious when you’re pinching a loaf, especially if your fart echoes in the toilet.

    2. Godzilla, cause it would be huge!

  • Hopton

    I bet the Joker taking a dump is stand-up comedy gold! 😛

  • edward scissorhands

  • Sam

    Instead of actually farting the joker would just have a “BANG!” flag pop out of his ass.

  • Schiapu

    Chewbacca. I bet the hair is not that useful when you have Diarrhea

  • Mikey

    Ash from The Evil Dead. He better not choose the wrong hand.

    Also, Goro would be the ultimate multi-tasker on the toilet, you know, if his fingers weren’t so fat

  • Austin

    Vader’s Suit probably just processes waste automatically.

  • Chris

    A xenomorph, imagine it making a hole and then burying its poo