It’s Becoming Borderline Impossible to Tell Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green Apart


Celebrity doppelgangers are nothing new in Hollywood, but what we have here is a level that goes past Isla Fisher and Amy Adams or Willem Dafoe and Dennis Leary. Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green look so similar in these photos, I’m seriously doubting my ability to choose which one is which. The addition of beards has made this even more confusing than it was already.

We all know Tom Hardy, but I’m willing to bet more than a few of you are going “Logan Marshall-Who?” right about now. I don’t have a comprehensive list of everything he’s been in, but I know him best as Ryan Atwood’s dirtbag brother on The OC. More recently, you’ll know him as “the guy you thought was Tom Hardy” in Prometheus. Seriously, for the first three trailers, I actually thought Hardy was in the film.

If the picture above doesn’t get you, a few others below might.






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