‘Iron Man 2’ Trio Hits EW Cover, Need to Deal with Some Hair Issues


This week, the stars of Iron Man 2 grace of the cover of EW, and we get to see ScarJo as Black Widow for the first time.

I don’t know what it is about this movie, but for a long time now I’ve had a sinking feeling that it’s just not going to be good. I know it’s still Favreau  and RDJ, but I just don’t get a good vibe from it.

Maybe it’s because one of my least favorite actresses ever has a title role, and now finally seeing her, I’m wondering why they made her wig out of yarn instead of hair. Maybe it’s because of the Mickey Rourke pay dispute drama and seeing him on the cover again, he still looks like a hobo who tried to build his own Iron Man suit out of soup cans and crutches.

It’s the same kind of feeling I got about Terminator Salvation or Wolverine, and even though those two movies had every reason to be awesome, they failed miserably and I really hope Iron Man 2 doesn’t turn out the same way.

Yeah I know that’s a lot to gather from a magazine cover. There’s one more shot of stringy haired, leather clad ScarJo after the jump.


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