In a Bleak Summer Film Season, Predators is Actually Worthwhile


I was able to catch Predators last night, and though I won’t be writing a full review on it (Madison already did a great job of that), I just figured I’d share a few thoughts on it real quick here.

I liked it, I really did. This has been an absolutely horrendous summer for movies so far, with Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon really the only two films I would classify as great. Predators is a ridiculous film, but given the franchise and the subject matter, I don’t think the film could have been done much better.

The idea of the game preserve planet, and dropping in a crew of assorted killers from all around the world is a concept I could get behind from the first moment I heard it. And as far as a “rag-tag bunch of folks” plotline goes, usually found in horror or action movies, this is quite a good cast, and I really dug all the characters featured.

The most questionable were Adrien Brody, who alternated between being a badass, and someone trying really hard to do an impression of a badass, and Topher Grace, whose “secret” was kept for far, far too long, when most of us knew it already, and not revealed in a dramatic enough fashion if you ask me.

The film is well paced, the action is great, as I never though I would see a battle between a Predator and a Yakuza hitman wielding a samurai sword. Yes, it’s your typical “big cast gets slowly whittled down by death” plot, but for this type of movie, which is almost required to follow that format, Predators does a really good job of not making it seem stale.

It’s just a very well put together movie, and for what it was, I don’t think you could do it much better. You can say it doesn’t surpass the original, but I feel like a lot of that is nostalgia talking, as this cast of characters was a bit more interesting to me than the commando team of the original. But there really is no replacement for Arnold, and Adrien Brody, try as he might, is definitely nowhere close.

Go see Predators, even if you don’t think it’s really your thing. Trust me, it’s fun, and there aren’t many worthwhile things to see this summer, and this is actually one of them you shouldn’t miss.

  • sylky

    Unfortunatey I couldnt get behind it. While I thought the action sequences were cool and some of the characters badass. I thought for the most part Adrian Brody was hamming it up with his voice and that the cast interaction was pretty stale. And once Laurence Fishbourne showed up the film had dug a hole too big for it to get itself out of. Although I will say the Sword fight and the final battle were awesome.

  • crazy8888s

    This film was absolute dog turd. Went to see it last night after reading this and well i want my 7 quid back sir.
    Just an awful film and hit an all time low when the sword fight happened, people were actually laughing at that part.
    Nice to see they kept with the killing of the token black guy first, standard

  • og bobby j

    this movie was an absolute discgrace….