I’m Sorry, but a Teenage Girl Version of ‘What Women Want’ is Just Not Going to Work


The Disney Channel’s Selena Gomez is in final negotiations to star in What Boys Want, which yes, is a take off the Mel Gibson movie where he can read women’s minds. However, it will be Gomez who is doing the mind reading, and the victims will be teenage boys. Does anyone else see a problem here?

What is it you thought about constantly as a teenage boy? Hell, what is it you think about constantly now? And I can only imagine the types of things a bunch of fifteen year old guys would think if they saw someone like Selena Gomez staring intently at them.

So when I said this isn’t going to work, I meant as a concept, because surely the studio will have to completely fabricate what teenage boys think about, replacing “boobs” with “just a girl to have and hold” and “ass” with “someone who will listen to my problems.” This movie IS going to work commercially, and will do HUGE business when it releases, as a billion teenage girls will flock to the theaters, about to be desperately misled about what it is boys think about all day.

[via Variety]

  • Ninespiral

    Calm down.. What if it is indeed about sex?? Though that would be pedophilic and wrong..

    If it does turn out the way you think it will, girls can’t possibly be dumb enough to think guys’ thoughts are so pure..

    This flick will bomb either way.. I hope..

  • Lagrange

    haha, agreed 100%.
    American movie for teens => auto fail

  • Dave

    This movie would have potential to be really funny if it was rated R and was fashioned in the mold of Superbad.

    As it stands – BORING.

    The problem is that girls don’t REALLY want to know what boys are thinking. They want to live in a fantasy where Channing Tatum writes them letters from Iraq.

  • Madison

    Dave is right. If it was R and accurate, it might not be a bad idea. Because there’s just no chance that guys don’t think about sex every single time they see an attractive girl.

  • WhatItIs

    i agree with Madison and Dave Disney should not even be trying this because there is no way they are going to get it right at all plus that girl is serious jail bait just walking down the street she would also be overhearing thoughts from older dudes thinking the same things all the teenage boys would be thinking so yea with a R rating i would think this is hilarious and i would be going to see it just because of the concept but with disney putting this out theres no way i will be going to see it.

  • Penny

    I was trying to make a coherent statement about how I feel about this movie.
    Then I realized all I have to say is that I want to strangle Disney. For persistently working to clean up, flatten out, and completely homogenize our image of the human condition. I hate them.

  • mick

    Id watch it

  • Nattyb

    I think we may.

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  • Sherrie

    Wow.. desperate much?? Do you really think she is going to come on here and read these comments? Or write to you? :/.. i think not. But yh there gonna murder the film..

  • joe blow

    Um, Selena is 18 now. Totally legal. Not Jailbait. Got it?