I’m Pretty Sure This is What Heaven is Like


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I see your eight Hayden Panettieres, and I raise you 21 Zooey Deschanels.

This is one of those infamous “it’s in the trailer, but not in the movie” scenes from my favorite film of last year, 500 Days of Summer. Presumably it was a scene where Tom can’t get Summer out of his head, and begins to see her everywhere. Why this was cut, I’m not sure, but it certainly is a pretty great mental picture given to us via promotional screenshots.

Anyway, go see this movie if you haven’t. It’s not as lame as it sounds, trust me.

  • J5

    I think Zooey is a beatiful girl and a good actress, but after seeing how F’d up she can be in Gigantic….I dont know if I could stomach 21 versions of her.

    Question (as long as we’re playing the hypothetical game): Would I be allowed duct tape?

  • MR

    IT really makes me annoyed whenever something in the trailer never makes it in the release. Especially when They repeat it over and over in the promos. Did it ever occur to them it could have been one of the reasons they wanted to see the movie? Granted thats stretching it, but you still are left wondering why they put it in the trailer and not the movie.

  • Pepe Veraz

    I must say I’m thankfull with you ’cause i saw this movie because of your review and It became one of my all time favorites.

  • Velovan

    @ J5

    Yes, along with some rope and 21 pairs of handcuffs.

  • Wizard Face

    I love this film. Also the only OST i have ever bought.

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