If You Haven’t Seen The Hurt Locker, Please See It Now

Hurt Locker

While Madison is going to give the full review on this film, I just want to make a statement.  Movies are simply not that good these days.  I think many of you who read this site can probably share that sentiment.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m older.  When you’re young just going to the theater seems cool.  But as you age, stories become important, cinematography has its place, and even I can appreciate a well directed film.

So with all these 100MM and up budgets delivering not a damned thing, it’s nice to see a movie that in my eyes, captures story, film, suspense, and reality all in one.

If you want to see a true movie about war, documented in a way that looks what I would think a war to be, then you’ve gotta get your ass to The Hurt Locker.

First of all this thing is loosely based on a true story, which is unbelievable to me.  Second of all Jeremy Renner should get some Oscar consideration.  Not to mention his character might be more of a badass than John Connor.  Yes, John Connor.

Just a fantastic film.

I’ll let Madison guide you through it.  But as a precursor to our review.  See this flick.  You won’t regret it.


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