If We’re Rebooting Everything, It’s X-Men’s Turn

future past

Three core X-Men movies. Two Wolverine solo features. One First Class quasi-reboot and now one more film that binds them all together.

Despite all this, only a handful of X-Men movies can truly be considered “good.” I’d argue the first one meets that mark, if only for its expert casting. The second had its moments, and First Class was the best of them all. Last Stand and Origins were abysmal while “The Wolverine” was the definition of mediocrity.

While I’m excited that First Class’s Matthew Vaughn is sticking around for Days of Future past, the idea of tying all these universes together and adding even more is worrisome. X-Men starts getting bad when there are too many mutants around, which is why First Class was the best of them all. Now, we have not only that cast, but the one from the original trilogy, Wolverine in a starring role again and now a new future group of X-Men as well.

I think this is where it ends. The series have overloaded itself enough.

last stand

It’s weird, because I thought First Class was the reboot. The plot seemed very much disconnected from the original trilogy, and only made the barest of attempts to tie the plotlines together. Now, by intertwining all these worlds, the idea seems less ambitious and more overcrowded and jumbled.

Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps it won’t be and Vaughn will deliver again. But either way, after this? The X-Men need a break. Update: Bryan Singer is directing this, not Vaughn, I’m told. I’m a bit more worried, then.

Honestly? I think the best course forward might be a TV show after this, rather than a movie reboot. Every DC property under the sun is heading to TV, from Arrow to The Flash to Gotham. Marvel is doing it too with SHIELD, Agent Carter and all its new Netflix shows. I think the time is ripe for a quality live action X-Men show.


The likely scenario is that it would take place with good looking teens at the X-Academy, but they could also take it a darker direction by putting it somewhere like FX or Netflix. Imagine X-Men branded Heroes, if Heroes didn’t suck.

While the X-Men movies have been perfectly passable superhero fare, they’ve been largely outclassed by their competition from Batman to Iron Man to Spider-Man to The Avengers. If I was making a top ten superhero movie list, only First Class might make the cut.

After seven movies in the same universe, it’s time to move on. Hopefully they can end on a high note.


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