If TV and Movie Characters Ran a College


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What you see before you is a collage entitled “TV University.” It really should be called “TV and Film University” but I guess that doesn’t sound as good.

It imagines if fictional characters from movies and TV shows made up the faculty of a college, and what departments they would be in, and what subjects they would teach. It’s a pretty funny exercise, and absolutely a school I’d sign up for.  Dexter teaching forensics? Tobias teaching theater? Hannibal Lecter teaching psychology? You’d either graduate a genius or end up dead.

Check it out above, and shout out any you feel are missing from the staff list.

  • Dangerous Dave

    I love how they snuck in Bird Law for Charlie haha

  • Madison

    @ Dangerous Dave

    Easily the best part of the chart.

  • Jeremy

    This was highly entertaining. Franklin the puppet for African-American History? Hah!

  • Christoph

    how can it be some guy that is not george costanza for architecture?! i can’t imagine anyone is more qualified than him…
    but of course it bugs me that a beautiful mind (terrible, terrible movie) is there for mathematics, good will hunting or wittgenstein (the movie) anyone?
    oh, and: how is jackson pollock a tv-character?

  • Robb

    I’d’ve put Jed Bartlett for economics, and Josh Lyman for political science.

  • Sullivan

    Clint Eastwood and Omar Little are the deans. Would getting detention mean getting shot in the knee cap?

  • Steve

    Gerard Butler for weightlifting? Hello? Arnold anyone? And before any of you say “He’s too old”, Eric Cartman is a fictional character, and Billy Mays is dead, so I’m assuming this chart is referring to these live actors as these characters in their prime.

    Also, Rocky as a boxing coach? Anyone remember Rocky 5? lol. Give me Clint from million Dollar Baby instead.

  • Zarquon

    Is that Summer Glau for dance?

  • Dangerous Dave


    The guy in the picture is “The Architect” from That Matrix Trilogy. While I agree with you that George would be a great choice, The Architect created the ENTIRE Matrix.

  • Christoph

    @dave, that explains it: when i watched matrix 2 i walked out about an hour in. i’ve never seen it or part 3 since and i honestly don’t plan on ever doing it.
    @zarquon: ya, that is summer glau, i have seen a highres version of that picture.
    and, thinking of firefly: inara would be perfect for human resources or grace (which is some kind of art, i am sure of it)

  • Dangerous Dave


    I don’t blame you. I tried hard to forget the latter two films.

  • J5

    @ Christoph

    I personally would prefer George as my teacher for an elective course on latex manufacturing.

  • Jonathan

    What you forgot:
    “Arli$$” – Sports/Entertainment Law
    “Homer Simpson” – Nuclear biology
    “Jack McCoy” from Law and Order – Criminal Law
    “Paul Gleason” from the “Breakfast Club – Guidance Counselor
    “Nick Nolte” – Basketball Coach (Blue Chips)

  • J5

    How about Professor Jack Bauer: Dr. of Tactical Badassery

  • Doc Brimley

    It’s actually “/tv/ University” named for /tv/, 4chan’s TV and Movies board. So it actually does cover TV and film.

    The more you know.

  • @Doc

    Ohhhh I didn’t know where it came from. That makes more sense now.

  • ScottH

    Gotta find a place in that faculty somewhere for Samuel J.

    Would totally take an Ethics course from Jack Bauer.

  • Christoph

    Or how about a fine course in Import/Export…or maybe only Import…by the great Art Vandelay?

  • J5

    @ Christoph

    Hahaha, nice. Maybe a course in business negotiations from the Soup Nazi?

    Or a Haz Mat certification course headed up by the heads of the Kramerica Corporation, Neumann & Kramer. They can teach everyone a great way to ship oil using excercise balls or giant balloons.

  • Mr Jim

    The trinity killer as campus chaplain?

  • Alice

    Haha, Patrick Bateman for Mergers and Acquisitions, love it.

  • SB

    Love Happy Gilmore in golf (most badass way to play this sport), and obviously the dude in philosophy (all my way of apreciating life is summed up by this character)

    Would have gone with Samuel L Jackson in 51st State for chemistry

  • Ryan

    Danny DeVito should have been the one for Hostile Takeovers for his role in Other Peoples Money.