If Star Wars was a Samurai Epic


So yes, we’ve kind of been on Star Wars overload the past few weeks, but I’m sorry, amazing stuff keeps popping up that I feel like I’m obligated to share. Such is the case today with Samurai Wars, a series of action figures that imagines what Star Wars would have been like if it were a Samurai epic, a concept that shouldn’t be too hard to imagine seeing how the Jedi were essentially space samurai and major plot points of the series were taken from Akira Kurosawa.

These come courtesy of Sillof’s workshop, and cover the full spectrum of characters from Threepio to Chewie to Fett to Solo to Skywalker to Vader and beyond. You can see most above, but you really want to check out the full gallery below.











  • chrystani

    maybe its just me…

    But Im getting “Shredder” from TMNT vibes from Darth Vader.

  • moe

    I definitely get a shredder vibe and Leia is TERRIFYING!

  • vincent_D

    yup.. it’s shredder

  • J5

    This seems like an alternate reality casting for star wars: David Carradine as C3PO, Jackie Chan as R2-D2, Anthony Hopkins as Obi Wan, Ralph Macchio as Luke, Benicio Del Toro as Han Solo and what looks like a Japanese Helena Bonham Carter as Leia.

    The masked ones could be whoever….

  • Bert

    The lack of Yoda is disturbing…

  • chrystani

    @ Bert,
    Or do you mean “Disturbing, is the lack of Yoda”…

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  • smashing sugar

    @chrystani –

    actually, to be grammatically-correct in Yodaspeak, i think you’d have to say, “Disturbing, the lack of Yoda is.” 😉


  • MacGyver1138

    This seems like a better fit than Steampunk, most likely for the reasons stated in the article.

    I like the R2-D2 idea. I don’t know if I like Daniel-san/Luke, though.

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  • doomed

    Gay and lame, another pointless cash in, almost a bad as the anime version of wolverine.

    The characters look nothing like starwars, Leia looks like a 40 year old travsvestite.

    I’d imagine medieval times, like the crusades, you know knights and such being more suited to star wars than fuedal Japan. Some people will ruin anything for a dollar.

  • poor

    doomed is as stupid as he is homophobic. If u wern’t so retarted u’d kno GL ripped off samurai films 4 inspiration so this makes sense. lol

  • crackedfan

    @Chrystani, “Disturbing, the lack of Yoda is.” learn teh linguistics! haha. seriously, wheres yoda?! secondly, thatd be awesome, samurai starwars. no? just me?

  • The Lurking Bat


    Star Wars WAS a Samurai Epic!
    Back In 1958!!!
    When it was called
    “The Hidden Fortress”
    and directed by
    Akira Kurosawa!!!!!


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  • me

    anyone notice han solo is called ‘han dokuen’ like HADOUKEN (street fighter)

  • Randall

    Too funny

  • Randall

    This is too funny!!!