If Popular Movies and TV Shows of the ‘80s and ‘90s Were Made Today: A Gallery

A little old for the Breakfast Club eh?

So have you guys seen any of the Old Navy commercials with old cast members from the original Beverly Hills 90210 lately?  If not you should definitely take a gander.  It’s just weird seeing how old they are.  I mean all of them are now in their 40s.  Except for Andrea I guess.  She’s like 60.

Seriously though.  What if all these people had to redo their shows only they are the age they are now?  Luckily a photoshopper took that concept to the drawing board with popular movies and shows Each set contains two photos.  One is the original and the second is the photoshop of the original.

Check out the pics after the jump…

Thanks to EBaumsworld for the pics


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