If Pixar Made a Justice League Movie

Now that Disney bought Marvel, it doesn’t seem completely out of the question that we could see a Pixar superhero feature someday. It is, however, impossible for them to make a Justice League movie, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it.

CG artist Daniel Araya decided to see what such a film might look like, and he’s redesigned a few of DC’s most classic heroes in a style that most closely resembles the Incredibles. Below you’ll find a few character models, a few action scenes and by the end, it’s a movie you’ll definitely want to see.

[via NerdApproved]

  • trashcanman

    This actually looks pretty damn cool. Still, picture Batman and GL with Pixar personalities and the entire thing falls to pieces. It’d make an awesome short for DC Nation, but as a movie not so much. I vote DC leaves animated features to the likes of Bruce Timm and co. But how about a Howard the Duck reboot?

  • zero

    batman and wonder woman looks badass.

  • Lily

    Pixar already made a superhero movie. And it’s great.

  • Javier

    the DC animated movies are actually one of the best DC movies out there, just use this guy as an artist/model designer.

    the style can work for both a serious entry and an action flick with a touch of humor or goof, Sups already has that simpleton-ish grin.

  • +1 for Jon Stewart GL

  • Blah

    Superman’s body looks ridiculous. His thighs are thinner than his calves and generally his lower body looks like it shouldn’t be able to support him standing at all. They really built him around the fat guy from the Incredibles. Disproportionate everywhere. Everyone is looks great, even Wonder Woman but I have to say in her action scene one of the background women definitely has her breast out there.

  • Charlie Ward

    Blah’s right, there’s a boob! NSFW everyone!

  • Say what you will; I’d go see that movie… I go see the 3D version in fact!!!

  • Korky

    I want The Authority with the gritty Dark Knight sauce on top, please.

    Rate it R, too.

  • Jack

    Too bad Disney bought Marvel, not DC comics which the Warner Bros. owns.

  • antidisestablishmentarianism

    Am I the only one who thinks Wonder Woman kinda looks like Azula (from The Last Airbender) in cosplay?