If Only…

I’ve seen this poster flying around the internet all week, and though it’s clearly something I could make in ten minutes in MS Paint, I do hope that this movie actually does happen. I’ve heard a million updates from varying cast members saying the script is being written, etc. etc, but it’s been years now, and I’m starting to get a bit worried as the actors move on to many different projects.

My nostalgia has been stirred most recently by the fact that I’ve started the season over, probably for the fifth time, in an effort to get my girlfriend into it. We;ve only gotten through 28 minutes of an extended pilot at the moment, but now that finals are over, hopefully we can get through the series by New Years. Errr, that’s ambitious. I forgot normal people don’t get obssessed with a show and watch it for 8 hours a day (cough, Sons of Anarchy).

If you’re on this site, I’m presuming you’ve experienced the joy of the show already, but if not, ask for the series on DVD this Christmas. You’ll thank me later.

  • Take a look at Poster, Michael!

  • xXburekXx

    give it time, i hated the show at first but it was the only thing on tv, that was years ago and now its one of, if not my favourite shows ever, and i really hope this movie happens, but i found a mistake on the poster ,should it say 2050 because it seems more realistic

  • hun23

    Micheal Cera tweeted this several months ago. Of course, now I can’t find the tweet or even what his verified account is called.

  • Gabriel

    My heart stopped out of excitement for a second, only to be crushed….curse you Paul! lol

  • Bill

    OK, We all love Arrested Development. But isn’t enough enough? Everywhere I go I’m hearing about how good of a show it was. And it is a very good show. But It’s OVER. So let’s move on.

  • Amen. You preach the truth. Greatest thing that has ever happened to TV

  • Christina

    A former writer did an IAMA on reddit and he seems to think that Mitch is doing something.
    “I doubt I’ll write for that, but nobody but Mitch seems to know what’s going on.
    Since Mitch is such a strong head writer, all he needs is a good staff for him to lead and they’ll have a great movie. “

  • Great show. Some shows are just better ending. Lost and Prison Break just went on too long.

  • 8bithero

    Oh my god…let it go.

    Arrested Development got cancelled because nobody watched it. No ratings = no money = no show.

    All of you fanboys can blame the network or whoever, but the fact is it wasn’t pulling down ratings.

    I watched one episode and never tuned in again. It wasn’t funny nor entertaining.

    But, like Whedon fanboys, it’s the network’s fault and nothing else. A conspiracy. You just refuse to believe that not enough people liked your boring show.

    Seriously, let it go.