If I Were Richer: HollywoodParts.com


I just stumbled upon this ridiculous site, HollwoodParts.com, which is NOT a place where you can sign up to audition for parts in films. Rather, it’s a collection of movie props used in actual films that you can now purchase for your very own.

Problem is, everthing is balls-ass expensive. See that minigun used in Terminator Salvation? $5,000. Yup. And it doesn’t even work. Contrastingly, even Moon Bloodgood’s sports bra from the film is $200, but that’s probably worth it for different reasons entirely…

They have props from more than just McG action movies though, but all of it is ABSURDLY overpriced. $500 for Vanessa Hudgen’s boots in Bandslam? $200 for Abigail Breslin’s shirt in Nim’s Island? $30,000 for the mini gold shoe car from Austin Powers: Goldmember?

The coolest thing they have is the police motorcycle from Terminator 2 for $25,000, and it’s the only thing on the site I feel would actually be worth the cash. Or if you just want to rent it, $2.5K a week.

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  1. Madison December 4, 2009

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