If Anyone Ever Deserved Their Own Cosplay Gallery…It’s Yaya

Alright, now THIS is what I was hoping to get out of my costume contest. I was going to feature Yaya in my post yesterday, but once I saw her full collection, I knew immediately she had to have her own post.

She was suggested to me by reader Gabbi, who gets ten thousand internet points for the find. Yaya is a pro cosplayer who has dressed up as practically every hot geeky character you can think of. Psylocke, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Elektra, Black Cat, Slave Leia, and so so many more.

I think you’ll agree that in both costume detail and uh, physical attributes, Yaya is one of the best costumed ladies we’ve ever featured on the site, and considering how many we’ve seen, I don’t say that lightly. If you’re still not sold, just check out the full gallery below:

Wonder Woman

Ada Wong

Black Cat





Mad Max

Sucker Punch


Uh, You Tell Me

Scarlett Witch




See more of Yaya on her DeviantArt page and her website here.