I’d Let Her Ride My Magic Carpet

Yes, I understand my innuendo doesn’t even make sense, unless I was a girl, and even then…

ANYway, I am sad that my powers of internet sleuthing have failed me. I was hoping to find out who this is and where this came from as surely, there is more than just one photo in this series, and this could have been one of my better cosplay galleries. All I can find is a link to this blog, which has a link to another blog, which is broken. I have to move on, but if ANY of you can find out the original source of this, and a treasure trove of pictures with it, you will win +100 in internet points, courtesy of me.

And because I know it’s in your head: “I can show you the worrrrld!


  1. J5 March 25, 2011
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