12 Of the Most Iconic Hats in Movie History


If I’m out of the office during the week or it’s a weekend, chances are I’m wearing a hat.  And chances are that hat is a beat-up, dirty, blue Gators hat that I’ve had since college.  It’s as if it’s permanently attached to my head, making me comfortable and to the disgust of others.  Oh well.

I don’t know of any movie characters that wear blue Gator hats, but there are certainly quite a few movie characters that seem inseparable from their hats.  They’ve got their own attachments to hats, from fedoras to bowlers to even magic hats.  Below, check out 12 of the most iconic hats in movie history.  As always, if you think I’ve left one off, let me know in the comments.

By the way, I realize that some of these hats may not really be “iconic,” but some of them certainly are, and I didn’t want to title this list “Iconic and/or memorable hats.”  So just, like, bear with me.

Indiana Jones’ fedora – Indiana Jones movies


I think it’s pretty clear that out of every hat on this list, Indy’s fedora is by far the most recognizable and iconic.  Like Indy, the hat has been through a lot, but it always seems to find its way back to its owner.  I love the scene in The Last Crusade when the fedora somehow rides a gust of wind back to Indy after he nearly goes over a cliff while fighting on a tank.

The Cat in the Hat’s top hat – The Cat in the Hat


It’s tough to deny that the Cat in the Hat’s large, striped top hat isn’t instantly recognizable.  It’s also tough to deny that Mike Myers has fallen so far from grace.

The Mad Hatter’s top hat – Alice in Wonderland


The Mad Hatter’s top hat, according to Lewis Carroll, was of the 10/6 style.  I have no idea what that means, but it’s cool to see that Disney did what they could with that information.

Doughboy’s Detroit Tigers cap – Boyz n the Hood


Cube wore a lot of Raiders gear throughout his rapping career, but in his role as Doughboy, he’s rarely seen without his Detroit Tigers baseball cap.  It must have been soaked with jheri curl juice after a hot day in Los Angeles.

Freddy Krueger’s fedora – Nightmare on Elm Street movies


Jason has the hockey mask, Michael Myers has the William Shatner mask, and Freddy Krueger has his old, beat up fedora to go with his clawed glove and filthy sweater.

The Blues Brothers’ fedoras – The Blues Brothers


The Blues Brothers have a great sense of style, capped off with their sweet-looking fedoras.  At least I think they’re fedoras.  Either way, they look great, and no Blues Brother costume can be completed without ’em.

The Sorting Hat – Harry Potter movies


I’d imagine having a magical, talking hat with a face on it placed on your head during your first few days at Hogwarts would be one of the creepier experiences of your life.  Get it off me!  Kill it with fire!

Oddjob’s bowler – Goldfinger


Oddjob’s bowler not only looks slick, it can be used as a deadly weapon, too, as it is fitted with a metal disc in the rim.  But seriously – who throws a hat?  And yes, using Oddjob in Bond for the N64 is crazy cheap.

Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker cap – Sherlock Holmes movies


Sherlock Holmes’ deerstalker cap is so well known that it’s often referred to as…”the Sherlock Holmes hat.”  My favorite example of this reference can be seen in Best in Show, when Fred Willard’s character suggests that the bloodhound be fitted with a Sherlock Holmes hat and a pipe.

Alex DeLarge’s derby – A Clockwork Orange


Like with the Blues Brothers, no droogie costume is complete without a derby.  Alex dresses to impress.

Angier’s top hat – The Prestige


They are all your hat.

Charlie Chaplin’s bowler – as “The Tramp,” various


Charlie Chaplin is perhaps most well known for his character “The Tramp” (as seen above), and it’s hard to imagine him without his hat, twirling his cane and walking like a penguin.