I Bet Her Name’s Alice


How does something like this happen? Like how do you end up loving Alice in Wonderland so much, that you get the entire goddamn movie tattooed on your back? Now, I’m not saying it isn’t awesome, and I’m very glad she did it as I now have my 1PM post for the day here, but man, absurd.

Here’s a question, if you could get one movie tattooed on your back, what would it be? Not just like, characters from the movie, I mean like, a series of scenes that more or less would tell someone the entire plot of the movie.

I’m going to have to go with Sunshine, just because the giant sun on the middle of my back would look SUPER AWESOME. Although, yellow tattoos look sort of shitty. But anyway, the rest of it would be pretty excellent as well. I would have said Moon, but I don’t want like 25 versions of Sam Rockwell on my back.

  • Roy

    i would say “the fountain” because it’s one of my favourite movies and i love the magnificent visuals.

  • IcemanD

    It’s a tie between two movies for me.

    The Wall or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    I think they would both make for a pretty badass tattoo. Though I’m not sure I would want a flower turning into a vagina on my back…sooo maybe Fear and Loathing would be a better choice.

  • Madison

    2001 might not be bad; a huge HAL 9000 right in the middle of my back.

  • skikes

    Not a movie but a tv series and a movie: Evangelion
    With a giant naked 16 winged rei in the middle of my back, the eva series battle lining the bottom of my back.

  • RazorAngel

    Fight Club.

  • misses the mondays

    i would say the epic saga of harold and kumar go to white castle…

  • 4T2

    I’m currently working on a leg sleeve from ankle to my knee devoted to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… although it’s more based off of the books and the radio series than the movie. It doesn’t tell the full story.

    If I was going to get a piece telling the story of a movie I would probably go with Fight Club, complete with Meatloaf’s bitch tits.

  • 4T2

    I forgot to mention that I’ve opted to leave Sam Rockwell out of my tat as well.

  • chelsea

    this sounds gay, but i fell in love with “Moulin Rouge” the first time i saw it and love the imagery in it. i wouldn’t get it, but i had thought about a movie themed sleeve with bits from that, Kill Bill, Mallrats and Jaws.

    my brother and i were thinking of getting a sort of brother/sister tattoo and we were joking that he would get travolta and i would get nic cage on my forearm so we could re-enact the “Face-Off” poster when we see each other…..

  • weewok

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Matrix Trilogy, or LOTR Trilogy. So many characters, so many scenes…

  • Ryan

    Probably Iron Giant, I love that movie. OR the Secret of N.I.M.H.

  • mitEj

    I would go for either Boon Dock Saints because I love the movie or What Dreams May Come for the visuals in the film.

  • SargentMac

    Memento would be perfect.

  • doggiedaddy

    I bet….it turns black and she needs laser removal treatment in 3 years.