I Am Perfectly OK With Philip Seymour Hoffman Penguin Image


This image, which claims to be a “makeup test” of Philip Seymour Hoffman for the next Batman movie, has been causing quite a stir. Not over whether or not the image is fake (answer: it totally, totally is), but whether or not this is would be a good potentional direction to take the character.

Some say it’s too sci-fi, and it is a bit Nosferatu on first glance, but others, like myself, think it just might work. The roster for Nolan’s potential villains is particularly slim, as he can’t use ridiculoulsy improbably foes like Clayface or Man-Bat, so that’s why the main options for the next film appear to be the Riddler and the Penguin, who are (mostly) based in plausible reality.

People have also been talking about Catwoman as a possibility, but if there is one thing Nolan is NOT particularly adept at (or at least he hasn’t shown it yet), it’s writing love stories. So if he sticks with his forte, highly intelligent, multi-layered plots, he could build a brilliant script around someone like the Riddler, with possibly the Penguin thrown in for some extra spice (and to satisfy the unwritten two villains per movie rule). And thanks to Photoshop, I think we just might have a good start.

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