I Am Jack’s New Wardrobe

This is a pretty awesome picture from a magazine I’ve never heard of, taken when Fight Club was all the rage. I guess it’s technically a spoiler for the film (though I don’t quite feel bad about talking about a 12 year old movie, just watch it already) though don’t read on if you don’t want to know what I’m talking about.

Yes, Ed Norton is revealing the final plot twist of the movie, that he is actually Tyler Durden and Brad Pitt’s character is just a manifestation of his subconscious and he’s probably schizophrenic. This is an interesting shot as it makes Norton up to look like Durden in his classic outfit, and they even tried to get the hair looking similar. How I haven’t seen this until 12 years later is a mystery to me, as I thought this would have been a pretty well circulated image as it’s pretty damn cool. I’d be curious to see if there were additional similar photos inside for the article.

Norton needs to start acting in more movies. I couldn’t even name something he’d been in since The Incredible Hulk, but then I remembered his Invention of Lying cameo and also Stone with Robert De Niro that I didn’t hear word one about after its release.

  • Ahhhh I love it! Fight Club is one of my fav books/movies.
    Also, you’re right, where has he been?!

  • Uncoolaidman

    He had a pretty funny cameo in Modern Family. He could have been an Avenger if he had just accepted the fact that The Incredible Hulk would never have be a great movie no matter what he tried to change. Also, he was in Pride and Glory, a half decent cop-family thriller. At least he’ll be in Wes Anderson’s next movie. That might get him some good PR.

  • chopa

    I can’t believe that no one mentioned American History X, Norton’s best movie!

  • Andrew C

    He was just in the indie comedy “Leaves of Grass”
    Other than that….. I don’t think I can think of many more recent films…

  • AJ

    Leaves of Grass was great, but no comedy.