How They Filmed the Inception Corridor Anti-Grav Scene


I don’t usually find DVD or Blu-Ray extras to be worth actually watching a physical copy of the film, but I have to make an exception in this case for this Inception feature that shows how Christopher Nolan crafted one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, the anti-gravity hallway fight scene.

The scene looked incredible on film, but as it turns out, it was even more insanely complicated to film than you might imagine. It took weeks of training and man hours to put it together, with no one doing more work than Joesph Gordon-Levitt himself who was determined to do all the stuntwork itself.

In an era where stunts can all be done on the computer now, it’s nice to see a filmmaker being innovative using real life tools and ideas. I think that’s part of the genius of Nolan, and why I look forward to every one of his movies.

  • John

    I’ve been waiting for you to link to this. Nolan is the only reason I still have hope in Hollywood movies. He’s showing everyone that there’s still originality and innovation, not just 80’s remakes and rushed sequels.

  • Brad

    My favorite Nolan real life special effect is the semi flip in Dark Knight. He used a steam piston and shot it through the bottom of the truck. In my opinion, using real world effects makes the film that much better.