How Michael Bay’s Explosions Make Him More Money

Yes, Michael Bay having explosions in his movies is something of a running joke at this point in the industry, but when you stop and actually look at the numbers, it’s really quite hilarious to see how much his explosions per film have increased over his last few projects. As you can see above in this graphic from FrankenSpace, he’s really cranked it up in his last few films.

But what’s even more interesting is when you cross reference those numbers to how much money each of these movies has made. As it turns out, the more shit you blow up, the more money you make. Don’t believe me? Check out the FULL infographic which I’ve posted below that has all the Michael Bay charts you could ever hope to see.

(click to enlarge)

  • Skeebo

    The Bay hate is ridiculous. Not every movie needs to a Citizen Kane.

    I think that critics get away from this by watching too many movies.

  • What?

    I love explosions, therefore I love Michael Bay movies.

  • Jim Ferret

    Funny you should post this. For the past week, I’ve been linking it to friends in hopes of explaining why I love MW3.