How Many of Martin Scorsese’s Must-See Movies Have You Watched?


Some context here:

“The story goes like this: young filmmaker Colin Levy wrote to his hero Martin Scorsese several years ago, asking which films he should see in order to broaden his cinematic horizons. Scorsese’s assistant sent over a list of 39 foreign films that the director had personally recommended.”

Granted, this was a long while ago, but it’s not as if the movies aren’t good anymore. So the question is, how many have you seen? I’ve got…

1) Beauty and the Beast (hoping he means the Disney version)

2) The Bicycle Thief (I think we watched this in Italian 201 in college)

3) Seven Samurai (because it’s awesome)

And uhm, that’s it. Alright, I kind of suck. Can you claim any better? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Lucas Tetrault August 21, 2014

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