How Life Should Be According to Woody Allen


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I’m not a big Woody Allen fan, despite being something of a movie critic (I’ll be on RottenTomatoes next year hopefully!). Yes, I appreciate Annie Hall and Manhattan and what not, but the dude just makes TOO MANY MOVIES, and the quality of them suffers because of that, and I think the man is past his prime at this point.

My decidedly un-mainstream criticism of the man’s work aside, I do really love this quote from him about living life in reverse. It’s like Benjamin Button, but way more clever and fun.

Also, the man needs to get it out of his head that Scarlett Johansson is a good actress. I know she’s got an epic rack which reads on camera quite well, but pick a better muse man!

  • Blake

    Hey Paul,

    Which Woody movies have you exactly seen?

    Get back to me, and I’ll develop a course for you.

    Also, read “Without Feathers.”

    In fact, just become a fucking Woody Allen fan already.

  • D

    No way you consider yourself a movie critic. I’m sorry, but no.

  • IcemanD

    “I’m not a big Woody Allen fan”

    You speak for a lot of people there Paul. Myself included.

  • Madison

    I hate to sound like a condescending prick, but you’ll appreciate Woody Allen a LOT more once you’re older. He’s easily one of the best directors, and his writing is absolutely off the charts.

  • spiderham

    Hi Paul,

    I’m a faithful reader of this site, but this is my first time writing a comment.

    I just couldn’t get this mistake pass by.

    The quote is incorrectly credited to Woody Allen, when in fact this is a very famous quote by argentinian cartoonist Quino.

    You can read the original quote here (it’s in spanish):

    More about Quino:

  • IcemanD

    @ Madison: Well, I’m older and have to respectfully disagree with you. I still just don’t care for Woody Allen movies.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    Hmmm. Well maybe it’s just the Jewish neurosis to which I can relate…

  • Che Mistj

    WTF!, @spiderham yeah, this is a very famous quote by argentinian cartoonist Quino. Somebody translate and incorrectly credited to Woody Allen

  • Limitus

    @ spiderham & Che: dunno how old your argentinian cartoonists quote is, but fact is, that a german songwriter did a song several years ago, which has exact the same words ^^

  • @D

    Go fuck yourself.


    No, I will not/do not like the vast majority of Woody Allen movies. Believe me, I’ve tried.

  • Steve

    I read this in one of George Carlin’s books. It wasn’t as detailed but the premise was the exact same thing.

  • Sean

    I have to agree with D.
    Not to sound like a dick but I don’t really see you as a serious movie critic. Your writing tends to be a bit more about the entire premise with one paragraph about acting, directing, writing, effects, etc.

    But I suggest just using this site as a way to tweak and learn those things and try to perfect it. Try reading the reviews from the AV club. Even if I don’t agree with their opinions sometimes I find myself enjoying the writing.

    Also try watching limited released and arthouse films then the common wide released movies.

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  • Che Mistj

    @Limitus, Quino is 78 years old and the majority of his work was made decades ago. I would apreciated if you can remember what song it is.
    This is a efect of globalization in to the arts, Ctrl C Ctrl V

  • Limitus

    if you can understand german:

    artist: Götz Widmann
    song: Das Leben sollte mit dem Tod beginnen (translated: life should start with death)

  • Che Mistj

    @Limitus, Thank you a friend of mine can understand german

  • Che Mistj

    @Limitus, WTF! this is a song!
    Anyway thank you, it is very similar, but with europe situations