Honest Action: Home Alone

Screen Junkies has a new companion series out that’s a variant of their “Honest Movie Trailers” franchise. It’s called “Honest Action,” and they recruited a doctor to watch movies and report all the injuries that the characters onscreen SHOULD have received.

First up is the obvious choice, Home Alone, which in retrospect is sort of like Saw for kids, as the Wet Bandits should have been crippled or killed multiple times over by all of Kevin’s traps. I’m not sure if you have to stick around for the full five minutes to get the idea, but it is pretty funny.

I’m wondering what other movies are going to be up for analysis here. A movie with just plain old fight scenes probably won’t be as interesting as something funny like Home Alone.


  1. Johnny Constantine January 10, 2014
  2. Iain MacKinnon January 10, 2014

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