Hollywood Movies Illustrated in Tradition Ottoman Style

In the years that I’ve been posting pictures on this website I’ve never seen something quite like this.   We’ve seen wacky alterations done to movie posters.   We’ve seen mashups.  Hell we’ve even seen renditions of movie art done in different cultures.  But I have to say this is pretty awesome.

Someone decided to take classical Hollywood movies and give them an Ottoman aesthetic.   When you look at these it’s almost like you’re looking in some sort of an art textbook back when you were in high school or college.

Check out the amusing posters for popular movies drawn in a traditional Ottoman manner by Turkish designer Murat Palta after the jump….

Thanks to Behance and Murat Palta for the pics

A Clockwork Orange




Kill Bill

Pulp Fiction


Terminator II

The Godfather

The Shining

Star Wars



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