‘Hitman 2’ Coming, No Thank You


If you needed further proof that any movie that makes money will get a sequel greenlighted, here you go. The original Hitman cost $30 million and grossed $100 million, so despite the fact it was the worst video game movie since Doom, it’s getting a sequel. The movie is being penned by Kyle Ward, who has written the film adaptation of another game film, Kane and Lynch, which was a terrible game to begin with. But hey, the movie has Bruce Willis.

I can’t imagine that Timothy Olyphant will be back as Agent 47, unless they throw a huge chunk of change at him. Though I have no idea why they would, as any buff bald dude could fill the same role, as I’m pretty sure Olyphant only had about a dozen lines in the whole damn movie.

Well, anyways, look for this assumed turd in 2010, though don’t be surprised if it ends up arriving on DVD first.

[via Variety]


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