‘Hitman 2’ Coming, No Thank You


If you needed further proof that any movie that makes money will get a sequel greenlighted, here you go. The original Hitman cost $30 million and grossed $100 million, so despite the fact it was the worst video game movie since Doom, it’s getting a sequel. The movie is being penned by Kyle Ward, who has written the film adaptation of another game film, Kane and Lynch, which was a terrible game to begin with. But hey, the movie has Bruce Willis.

I can’t imagine that Timothy Olyphant will be back as Agent 47, unless they throw a huge chunk of change at him. Though I have no idea why they would, as any buff bald dude could fill the same role, as I’m pretty sure Olyphant only had about a dozen lines in the whole damn movie.

Well, anyways, look for this assumed turd in 2010, though don’t be surprised if it ends up arriving on DVD first.

[via Variety]

  • As a Dane I’d like to think that I hate this more than most people, we’re proud of our Hitman franchise, and the first Hitman movie was just sad. The CEO of IO Interactive, the company behind the games, even went out publicly and condemned the piece of garbage. There’s a special place in hell for Fox.

  • dudemeister

    ffs… are you blind or something? olyphant is near perfect for the role…

  • Madison

    How on earth did the first one make $100 million? Really? I’m stunned.

  • “ffs… are you blind or something? olyphant is near perfect for the role…”

    How is he near perfect? Every actor with his build would look somewhat like Hitman if they had no hair.

  • Justin

    i didnt think the first was that bad….
    hulk w/ed norton was worse.

  • Nick

    Worst video game movie since “doom”, please you obviously haven’t seen any Uwe boll films. The far cry movie mad hitman look like Casino Royale(2006), I’m not saying the movie was good by any sense but it was watchable, and some people did watch the whole film through, while watching far cry is like being told your a moron for however long it is, and how much you watch is purely based on your tolerance of abuse.
    side note I was upset about the first hitman since it was one of my favorite game series, and the film was lackluster at best.

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  • AT

    I would happily see another Hitman movie vs. Spiderman 3. God, what a piece of sh*t that one was! Hitman was fun if you didn’t go in expecting an amazing movie. I liked it and definitely will go see a second one.

  • Its ridiculous how you people degrade a good entertaining movie. yes, i have played the video game for a few hours, the whole concept brings me to question why didnt they start at the beginning and make a movie from the start with the story line of the video game, and yes, they couldve followed the game alittle bit more, but Hitman was a good movie, the acting wasnt bad, action scenes were intense, if u understood the point of view they are crossing you’d enjoy the movie a bit more. Instead, your some angry person who just puts down gaming films probably because they are gaming films. Doom mightve not been a huge hit, but it wasnt a bad movie either. I am glad they are making a second movie, and they better not use someone else for “agent 47” or it wouldnt be worth it. They could continue this series and fans will enjoy it.

  • Madison

    @ Ben “Parker” Smole

    Sorry, man, but video game movies suck. They aren’t decent, they aren’t OK, they suck. Hitman is no exception. There’s nothing to understand, there’s not underlying themes – they are simply rushed, horribly-produced, horribly-written, and horribly-acted wastes of celluloid. Sorry.

  • Ben “Parker” Smole

    I dont think your seeing the whole picture. When producers make a film that they want the audience to relate to, or to be come a part in, they give a story a certain way so that its either viewed in their view, or a 3rd person view or what not. Hitman, the character himself, in a sense describes a almost moral-less personality, he does what he does because thats the way he was raised. How is that not something people can either relate to or understand. Thats basically it, with blood guts gore nudity… lol