Hipster Potter and the Goblet of PBR

“I liked the Chamber of Secrets when it was still underground.”

“Oh it’s some spell you’ve probably never heard of before.”

“Fighting a fire-breathing dragon? Let me get my scarf.”

“This sweater? Bought it at a wizard thrift shop, it’s 900 years old.”

“My wand isn’t small, it’s European.”

(artist credit needed)

  • Daria

    It’s by MARiKa at http://marikaart.deviantart.com/
    You should really start giving more credit to people for their work, man. C’mon.

  • Anubiswrath

    dude he put right in the article that he didnt know whos it was, i mean geez simma down him putting their work on this site probably increases it viewing 1000 fold that up from 1 on her page that is. Dont get me wrong im certainly not up for stealing work but Paul is doing them a favor showing off their work here, not the other way around…

  • Furthermore, it’s a rarity when Unreality DOESN’T cite the artist. They’re usually very good about giving proper credit when it’s due, and as already mentioned, they’re even asking if anyone knew of the artist so they could give credit.

  • And yeah, I’m not sure if those types of hipsters would be about PBR. Maybe the wanna-be punk rockers, but these cats look like they’re outta Pretty In Pink/Less Than Zero school of hipsters.

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