Hey Look, I Made Unreality Desktop Wallpaper

(click for wallpaper size)

So I felt like doing something artsy yesterday and decided I’d make an Unreality desktop wallpaper to share with you all. I wanted it to encapsulate what the site’s all about, so I filled it with some of the characters from TV shows, movies and video game you’ll find featured most prominently ’round these parts. Chances are if you’re a regular reader, you’re at least a fan of a few of these folks, and I thought you might appreciate it if you were looking for a change for your long-held computer background.

Much thanks to the dozen DeviantArt accounts I raided to get these pictures. I looked through THOUSANDS of images to find ones in the right style I wanted, and I managed to keep track of every one I used, so if you want to see the artists for each, you can check them out after the jump.

Version one of the wallpaper is above, and I did a red background one as well in case that better suits your palate. That one you can find below. Check it out, and as always, thanks for reading!

(click for wallpaper size)

Kratos [likaspapaya]

Batman [JPRart]

Mal Reynolds [jackieocean]

Garrus [cheru-cheru]

Joan Holloway [c-marie]

Link [eponagirl]

Pikachu [Darthgaara]

Ezio [fuzzypinkmonster]

Superman [pauloskinner]

Cammy [Artgerm]

Boba Fett [*Hodges-Art]

Master Chief [joesephcaesersd]

Tobias Funke [Supajoe]

  • KavehM

    Great job, looks great! Sums up unrealitymag pretty well!

  • I like it. The only flaw I can see is that Christina Hendricks is bigger on the show. Not in a bad way but she is..

  • Pk360

    Not be a jerk or anything but that wallpaper is really low rez. perhaps goto 4 chan or reddit and ask one of them to make a cool HI QUality wallpaper for you.

  • EarthThePlanet

    Impressive. Now if you can make one that can be supported by a dual screen set up, I will have found my new desktop wallpaper.

  • Riuzanaggi

    could you make a version of this just with the blue background and the “unrealitymag”? i understand why all those characters are there, because i know and love them, but, imo, its overkill. i’d really like a plain unrealitymag wallpaper. Kudos to you, anyway!

  • Darthsat

    Kind of a strange choice of resolution (1920×1090). Seems to be 10 pixels taller than a nice 16:9.

  • Dan

    I really dig the wall paper vein if Fett looks like he going to get rapped by the arrested development dude. Just kidding, I think you did I killer job.

  • that1guy37

    I don’t know s#!t about art, but I can say that the hole in the middle really makes you pay attention to the background which ends up giving the characters more depth. Nicely done. My new desktop fo-showe.

    You should do more of these. I know I’ll use um. Might be a good way to generate word of mouth.

    “Oh hey what’s that?”

    “Oh nothing, just my bitching Unreality desktop.”

    “Another one!?”

    “Yup. You should checkout the site. It’s balls good.”

    And scene. Include Scott Pilgrim on the next one plz.

  • Adam Johnson

    Very cool.

  • MetFanMac

    Needs more Na’vi Tattoo Guy.