Hey At Least They’re Not Rob Pattinson Fans


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When I see pictures like this, it makes me wonder how many celebrities stay as humble as they do. If everywhere I went girls wept at the sight of my beauty, painted my name on their bodies, and would rip their clothes off for me at a moment’s notice, I might let that go to my head.

Glad to see that crazy girl fans still have somewhat good taste. Leo is quite the stud. I’m sick of girls raving over Robert Pattinson who literally resembles a corpse more than any human being alive. Why do you think they picked him to play a vampire?

What’s with the pink hats? A way to get Leo to notice you? To be fair, I think I’d cry too if I ever gazed upon Kristin Kreuk with my own eyes.

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  1. Velovan July 21, 2010

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