“Hello, I Am an Insane Man with Two Tattoos of Neytiri on My Back”


I’m willing to say that it’s alright to get tattoos of Star Wars characters on your body, but I have to say, I think Avatar is far from achieving that kind of status as a franchise, therefore this guy, who now has TWO different tattoos of Neytiri on his back, is just off his rocker. But the best part? He’s planning on getting more. Per his wall:

“thats 2 tattoos out of 6 4 more to go this year and next year will be the back ground this was 5 hrs of pain this one hurt but worth it

hoping if i can to have them all done by the re release of the movie in late summer you look at this tat in person dam the detail is something else he did a excillent job

well m,e i have never seen a movie more than once EVER in theatre except avatar and would watch it every day all day if i could

i can watch this all day and night dam shes gorgious”

“damn shes gorgious” indeed. I would expect no other type of spelling from a guy who is planning on a SIX TATTOO SERIES of a fictional blue alien chick on his back. I can only imagine him walking into his tattoo artist for the fifth time. “Really dude, another blue chick?”

[via Geekologie]

  • J5

    This may have just inspired me to get a tattoo of the diva Plavalaguna, because she is so “dam gorgeous.”

    And by gorgeous I mean freakish blue person with a giant phallic head.

  • Stink

    Dude, never go full Avatarded!

  • Velovan

    You laugh now, but when I finish my 8 tattoo compilation of Smurfette posing in various sexual positions it’s going to rock your world.

  • LAO

    They’re on his back, how is he supposed to jack off on them?

  • Madison

    You can tell from his spelling and grammar that he must be a professional of some type. Hope the tattoos don’t give off the wrong impression at the office.

  • doggiedaddy

    In a few years when it all fades and turns into a blob that looks like a giant melanoma…..


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  • Bryan

    Yikes, at first I thought he said “64 more” tats. That actually would be cool- insanity to 11.

  • Temima

    Wow the “artist” who inked those was not very good at portraits he/she should be ashamed of the work.