Guy Does Amazing Impressions of Spacey, Pitt, Pacino, Ford and More


Good impressions of celebrities never get old, and if you’re an up and coming actor, it’s a good way to quickly get noticed on the internet.

Today we take a look at young Ross Marquand. It’s a viral video meant to promote some upcoming movie he’s in, and makes use of a range of impressions he’s perfected over the years.

I like this because it featured actors not normally seen in videos like this. Yes, we’ve seen a million Chris Walkens at this point, but rarely any Brad Pitt or Kevin Spacey, both of which he does so perfectly it’s almost eerie. Check it out above.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    HOLY SNAP! That guy’s good.

  • Yautja

    This one is also very good:

  • Dave

    Very impressive, especially with the Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt impressions.

  • Matt

    It would be nice to hear these performances clearly. The angel choir looped in the background is loud & distracting. It also insults one’s ability to subjectively decide if he likes something or not.

    The impressions shown here would be much more powerful without the racket..

  • Stu

    he’s similar to DCLugi who unfortunately has been forogtten by most because his original videos with high view counts got removed and he had to reupload them