Guess Who’s Not a Box Office Draw?


This girl.

That’s right, I know it’s a bit late to report this, but I just glanced over at Rotten Tomatoes where I saw that Jennifer’s Body put up a fat $6.9 million this weekend (with a 43% Tomatometer as a kicker), debuting in FIFTH place.

How does this happen when you have the world’s hottest girl being guided by an Academy Award winning screenwriter (Ms. Diablo Cody)? It was just a terrible concept from the get go, and when they showed the Fox/Seyfriend girl on girl kiss in the trailer, what other reason was there to really go?

So all of you who said Fox was the reason Transformers 2 made so much money can suck it, as this has been a scientific experiment to prove otherwise.

Did anyone actually see this and can shed light on just why it did so poorly? I even have a free movie ticket yet I’m saving it for Pandorum tonight instead.

  • Madison

    Nice…people didn’t see Transformers 2 for Megan Fox, or Shia, or Turturo, either…they saw it to see giant robots beating the shit out of each other.

    I do feel somewhat vindicated, as I have definitely argued that Fox was NOT a box office draw. Sure, she’s great to look at, but why spend $10 on a bad movie when you can see her for free just about anywhere?

    Of her 15 minutes, I’d say she’s got about 2 left.

  • illeaturfamily

    “So all of you who said Fox was the reason Transformers 2 made so much money can suck it”


    as i read that line out in my mind it delivered some serious crunch, like a 70’s cop with a stand-alone mustache that has an authority all its own booting down the front door to panama city’s 2nd largest drug dealer, magnum revolver held close but high as teh flare of his bell-bottoms ripple through the wind.

    fuck you drug dealer’s door, and fuck you too megan fox.

    thanks for posting this paul, ive never been a big megan fox fan and never have i though she’s much of an actress. this is good proof.

  • illeaturfamily

    thought* not though

  • Josh

    Who the hell said people went to see Megan Fox? Pretty sure the general populace went to see giant ass robots kick the shit out of each other with unexplained explosions happening randomly for more eye candy. Gotta love Michael Bay.

  • WhatItIs

    ok i saw the movie when it debuted in theaters. it was an entertaining movie to me i thought the whole thing was really funny. as for megan fox’s acting this type of role is perfect for here it didnt really require much acting on her part it really is what i always pictured megan fox to act like during her everyday life or whatever just. but anyways i can see why people wouldnt like it at all its not scary at all yet it seemed like they were trying to portay it as some kind of horror or thriller or somethin in the trailer theres a small twist at the end (that my wife didnt notice) that if ur not paying attention you might not notice overall the movie wasnt that great it was entertaining to me but i wasnt expecting much out of it and i am one of those types of people that like pretty much every movie i see. and i still dont think megan fox is hot

  • Chris

    Yeah, I work at a movie theater so I get to see everything for free so I went and saw it. Personally I loved it. Megan’s acting skills weren’t really on the line because she plays a possessed cheerleader… all she has to do is just kind of… be pretty. As far as the rest of the movie goes it was pretty entertaining. It really felt like a good old fashioned Sam Raimi ‘Army of Darkness’ funny-horror flick. In no way does it try to be anything more than that, why else would someone sing 867-5309 into a knife before stabbing someone!?!?! c’mon it was hilarious. I think it was worth my time to go see it, since money wasn’t really involved.

  • illeaturfamily


    run on sentences! yeah!

  • noah

    I’ll start off and say i didn’t pay to see this and if I did I would have walked out after about 23 minute because it was breaking my will to live, but since i didn’t, I watched in barely tolerable segments. The premise is beyond dumb as shit, the acting belongs on an episode of NCIS, and the writing….. wow, tried way too hard to be witty and failed miserably, lets just say Diablo Cody is a one and done, and she does come back with something decent, then I’ll gladly eat my words, but with this attempt, I just don’t see it. The movie as a whole was absolute crap, and not a ounce of entertaining. To compare this to Army of Darkness is just blasphemy. Even the lesbian kiss is ruined since Seyfriend is involved. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. F*** AWFUL. Don’t spend a dime to see this movie

  • WhatItIs


    sorry i didnt know i was writeing an english paper

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  • illeaturfamily

    dude im no grammar police, i was just poking fun. sorry.