Guess Who’s Not a Box Office Draw?


This girl.

That’s right, I know it’s a bit late to report this, but I just glanced over at Rotten Tomatoes where I saw that Jennifer’s Body put up a fat $6.9 million this weekend (with a 43% Tomatometer as a kicker), debuting in FIFTH place.

How does this happen when you have the world’s hottest girl being guided by an Academy Award winning screenwriter (Ms. Diablo Cody)? It was just a terrible concept from the get go, and when they showed the Fox/Seyfriend girl on girl kiss in the trailer, what other reason was there to really go?

So all of you who said Fox was the reason Transformers 2 made so much money can suck it, as this has been a scientific experiment to prove otherwise.

Did anyone actually see this and can shed light on just why it did so poorly? I even have a free movie ticket yet I’m saving it for Pandorum tonight instead.


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