Growing Up Star Wars

I don’t spend too terribly much time on Flickr, but I recently did discover a photo collection that I browsed through for quite a while.

It’s called “Growing Up Star Wars,” and it invites people to share their childhood photos that expressed their love for the series back in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

The result is a pretty awesome gallery, and I’ve pulled a few of my favorite ones for you to check out below. See them all over at the official page.

  • Bert

    On a related note – I learned this week that the Washington National Cathedral is the only religious institution in the world that features a bust of Darth Vader.

  • sarah

    yesterday i was dressed up as darth vader picking up my friend from the airport and two little kids even knew who i was! theres still hope ;_;

  • phishlung

    The blonde kid on the right in the third to the last pic scares the hell out of me!

  • Crash

    Why does the first photo have a giant yellow dildo?