It Ain’t Easy Being Green: 20 Memorable Green Characters from TV, Movies, and Video Games


I got the idea for this post when I was walking down the street and saw a parked green car with green characters painted all over it.  It was pretty ugly, but weird enough to look at for a bit.  I came to realize that at some point, the difficulty of being green got lost in the hype over blue.  The Na’vi from Avatar, Dr. Manhattan and his giant glowing dong, and sometime soon, the Smurfs themselves have made blue the “it” color.  Screw that – green is where it’s at.  For the purposes of this post, at least.

Below, check out 20 of the greatest/most memorable green characters from movies, television, and video games.  If I left one of your favorite green characters off, let me know.

Rash, Zitz, and Pimple – Battletoads


Blanka – Street Fighter series


Elliott – Pete’s Dragon


Frankenstein’s monster – Frankenstein


Godzilla – Godzilla movies


Greedo – Star Wars


Green Goblin – Spider-Man


Green Man – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


The Incredible Hulk


Kermit the Frog – The Muppets


Kobra Khan – Masters of the Universe


Mike Wazowski – Monsters, Inc.


Shrek – Shrek movies


Slimer – Ghostbusters movies


Squeeze Toy Aliens – Toy Story 2


Swamp Thing – Swamp Thing


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


The Wicked Witch of the West – The Wizard of Oz


Yoda – Star Wars movies


Yoshi – Nintendo


  • Felix

    The Green Lantern? Upcoming movie and was in the Justice League cartoon.

    I would also say the Green Power Ranger.

  • Madison

    @ Felix

    Yeah, but their costumes are green – they aren’t. I mean, Ryan Reynolds isn’t going to be painted green, is he?

  • Pat

    @ Madison

    Why put Green Man & Green Goblin then? 😛

  • Madison

    @ Pat

    Well, um, uhhh….let’s see….

    Goblin is actually green in the comics and some other media, so I figured he’d be OK. And Green Man is more than the man inside the costume, it’s a concept, it’s a legend. It is all that is green.

    Fair enough?

  • seeinidawg

    Oscar the Grouch

  • Tishy

    WTH? Where’s Gumby?!

  • Rob

    You forgot the mightiest green person of all…

  • andrew

    no piccolo?

  • Madison

    @ Rob, andrew

    I thought there was a Dragonball character who was green, so I am assuming that’s Piccolo. I tried to watch once and almost had a seizure, so maybe that’s why I’ve put it out of mind.

  • Jeff

    Wow. Where is the emo alien, Kif Kroker? Bonus for Brain Slugs.

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  • Vadin

    Why’d you chose that picture for TMNT?

  • Madison

    @ Vadin

    I dunno – I thought it was cooler than a bunch of dudes in turtle costumes, I guess.

  • zero

    +1 for the guy that mentioned Kif Kroker. I love futurama.

  • Camshaft

    Is the Toxic Avenger considered green?

  • that guy

    No Tommy from Power Rangers?!?!?

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  • clint

    i always thought that yoda was kind of avatar-esque

  • Madison

    @ clint

    How dare you? Don’t you know that Star Wars came before Avatar? That’s a slap in the face! You don’t know what you’re talking about! Prototype sucks!

    Let it go, dude. Let it go.

  • beavis

    No green tiger from voltron!

  • Voxaroth

    The fact that there are no Orion Slave Girls from Star Trek renders this list erroneous.

    I demand and update and a picture.

  • Pete

    WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU!? The very first thing that popped in to my mind when reading “20 Memorable Green Characters” was Gumby. Isn’t Gumby the king of green things? I can NOT BELIEVE THIS!

  • Wing Foo

    WOw, that is amazing. Yoda ROCKS


  • AJ

    lol @ people complaining for no Piccolo. DB was never nearly as popular as anything listed above, unless you’re a loser japanese kid or a nerd that needs to get sunlight anyway. Greedo probably should have been replaced with Gumby though.

  • Ko

    … THE Hulk?

  • Patrick

    And what about Luigi? Yoshi gets props but Mario’s own brother gets shafted.

  • Kermit

    wow. this is great journalism., first a s4eries on “rain” and now “green” making your paychecks you are.

  • Bob

    Leech is green, from the He-man/She-ra universe. He was one of the coolest action figures too, you could stick him on glass. I bet there were green battle beasts. All of Monsters in my pocket were green (each monster could be in one of four colors). Army men are green (the toys, not the real ones. Although the real ones often wear green).

  • Madison

    @ Pete

    I left Gumby off because, well…isn’t he sort of a bluish-green? He’s not nearly as green as everyone else on here.

    @ Patrick

    I wanted to limit the characters to one per franchise/series, and Yoshi is way greener than Luigi.

    @ Kermit

    Yup. I get paid for this. You don’t. Boo hoo.

    @ Bob

    I had Leech, as well as the rest of Hordak’s crew. Some of my favorite action figures for sure.

  • GotAFlubber


  • Flubber

    After scrolling through, first thing I thought…”WHERE’S FLUBBER??”

  • Man, how crappy does Greedo look by today’s standards? Nothing beats the Greedo/Han standoff though, all time classic.

  • Dennis: What are some of your likes?
    Charlie: Uhh…ghouls
    Mac: Son of a bitch. What are you talking about?
    Charlie: Just funny little green ghouls.
    Dennis: W-What like in movies, or in cartoons?
    Charlie: Little green ghoul buddies!

  • 20 of the most memorable green characters? Wow, apparently I’m not the only one having a slow day at work.

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  • Pleasantly surprised Swamp Thing made the list (huge fan if the icon and screen name didn’t give it away) although why they chose a movie publicity shot from is beyond me. Wish they would have used a graphic from the Alan Moore-era comics which really was the pinnacle for that character.

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  • Matt

    Piccolo from DBZ, Kif from Futurama, Gumby from Gumby, Roger from Doug, Missing Link from Monsters vs. aliens, Chalky from Doug,

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  • Charles

    Gumby definitely should have made the list. Gumby is green. Green is a combination, as many of us are aware, of blue and yellow. Now some greens are more blue, and some more yellow, and I am not saying that Gumby isn’t bluish, but Gumby is straight up green as far as I am concerned and I, for one, and I think many others would agree with me, have never had to question Gumby’s greenness. Gumby is as green as the Incredible Hulk, Yoda, or the Wicked Witch of the West. It is absurd to suggest that Gumby is anything other than green. He was green before some of these other characters on the list were even born.

  • Pebb

    Luigi is one