Great, Now Monkeys are Better than Me at Video Games


So Rise of the Apes, errr I mean Rise of the Planet of the Apes, is coming out soon, and despite Tim Burton’s last attempt I’m actually intrigued by the new film. Super intelligent monkeys taking over the earth? It sounds like one of the more entertaining apocalypses, so I’m all on board for the concept.

Most of the apes are digital in the film, so the team behind the CGI had to research actual apes to see how they acted. They found that apes are already much smarter than we give them credit for. Above, you’ll find a video of a chimp playing Far Cry 2, and doing so better than I would. Great, now I have to contend with additional primal screaming on Xbox Live? Like the twelve year old boys weren’t bad enough.

After the jump, there’s one more video of a Gorilla filmed walking upright, which obviously proves evolution once and for all so that debate is now officially over. Fantastic! Check it out below:


Yesss, I realize these are fake, still entertaining though.


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