Five Movie Ending Twists You Had No Clue Were Coming

Everyone loves a good plot twist.   Hell I loved “Luke, I am your father,” didn’t you?  But sometimes an entire movie ends up being a twist and that’s when you see some strokes of genius on the film’s part.  Rarely do we get baffled to the point that everything we’ve come to believe about a movie has been false yet at the same time all of it makes perfect sense.

Some movies throw in crap that just piss us off and make no sense for the sake of making no sense.  I’m not referring to that.  And I’m also referring to movies where I can safely say 100% of us couldn’t figure it out.

Here are my top five movies with twisted endings none of us could figure out…..

*Warning:  Spoilers Ahead

The Usual Suspects

When a daring heist goes bad, a U.S. customs officer Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri) questions the weak Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) who reveals the legend of an elusive criminal mastermind named Keyser Soze.  Since Kujan has nothing on Kint, he ends up releasing him later realizing that his entire story was made up using words and names listed on his office wall.  We find out that Kint is in fact Soze.  No one, and I mean no one knew this ending was coming.

Primal Fear

An innocent man is convicted of crime.  Or is he innocent?  He actually has an alter ego which eventually changes his plea to insanity.   The character played by Edward Norton is a scared boy named Aaron.  It is his alter ego named Roy who committed the crime.  Roy is the psycho murder type.  We are lead to believe that Roy is the bad guy and Aaron is the innocent.  That Roy is the alter ego.  Turns out that all along it was the bad guy Roy, who concocted the character of Aaron to fool both the courts and his lawyer.  This is one of the best roles ever played by Ed Norton and is what put him on the map.

The Sixth Sense

A young boy who thinks he sees dead people gets help from a child psychologist.  Little do we know said psychologist is one of the dead people he sees.  I’m pretty sure no one could have predicted the ending of this movie.  I remember my mother telling me that she figured it out.  I’m sorry mom but there’s no way that you knew Bruce Willis’s character was dead.  There’s just no way.  And anyone out there claiming that they knew it all along is 100% wrong.

Fight Club

A mild mannered insomniac and soap salesman start a fight club that becomes destructive when Durden uses the club (Project mayhem) to vandalize the city.  Little do we know until near the end that these two individuals are the same person and we’re talking a major case of schizophrenia.   I for one didn’t see it coming and seeing the movie for a second time makes you really feel like a jackass.

The Game

For his 48th birthday a successful businessman Nicolas Van Orton receives a “game” as a gift from his brother that sends him into a series of dangerous and disturbing situations.  Is this game meant to be a trippy game or to destroy him?  It winds up being a trippy game but one that is not for the faint of heart.  The “game” actually leads to Van Orton wanting to kill himself only when he plummets he lands on an airbag to be greeted by his friends and family to celebrate his birthday.