Gore Verbinski to Make Film about MMO Addiction, Vague Details Make My Mind Wander


Can I dip my staff in your mana pool?

So Gore Verbinski really likes video games huh? In case you forgot, he’s directing the big-screen Bioshock adaptation, which is currently the only upcoming video game movie I’m looking forward to. Now, it’s been announced that Verbinski will be directing a film based on a 2007 Wall Street Journal article that detailed how MMO addiction affects people’s real lives. The article centered on one 53 year-old man named Steven Knight who spent 20 hours a day online. God, that’s going to be insanely exciting, don’t you think?

So what exactly is this movie going to be do you think? Is it going to be a kind of faux-documentary, or like an actual movie with an actor playing a guy sitting around playing a game? Or maybe, is it going to be live-action in-game WoW action with Lord of the Rings costumes and the whole shebang? I would hope option 3. And since Gore did the Pirates series, I’m thinking that’s a distinct possibility.

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