Godzilla’s Rather Astonishing, Chilling New Trailer

While I know we have a weekly trailer wrap-up every Friday now from Lyle, I really couldn’t wait on this one, which really took me by surprise.

It’s for the new Godzilla remake. The new, new one directed by Monsters’ Gareth Edwards. The film has a surprisingly fantastic cast with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson starring, but now it has a great trailer to match.

No Inception BWAHHHs, just some 2001: A Space Odyssey music and beautiful, chilling cinematography. One of the best trailers I’ve seen this year, and that’s saying something considering it’s December now. watch for yourself fullscreen above.

  • David R

    The kicker for me is that it actually looks to be well-crafted, effective filmmaking and not just “awesome shots.” I haven’t seen this guy’s indie sensation but plan to check it out soon.

    • I suspect you’ll be impressed by Monsters, David. It is not like any creature film ever made; very steeped in metaphor and mood. The director was the absolute best possible choice to bring Godzilla back to a legitimacy he hasn’t had since the original Japanese film. I’m super excited.

  • MegaSolipsist

    And it turns out that 1998 Godzilla is much more fun.
    The building of suspense is done rally well, but not when it goes on for so long that I stop caring about what’s happening.
    Like the 1998 film, this one had good actors and bad actors, and although 1998 had worse actors, at least it used the good ones.
    Plus, when they finally got round to actually showing Godzilla (right at the very end) he looked terrible, especially the CGI mess of a face.