Gender Flipping the Entire Cast of Star Wars

As I’m currently running my own cosplay site now on the side, I’ve discovered that “crossplay” is quite huge in the scene. It’s dressing up as a character, but in the opposite gender from which it was originally portrayed. As you might expect, this tends to happen more with male characters than female ones, but the results are fantastic.

Since Star Wars is the most popular thing in the history of ever, I figured that there would be a fair amount of this for the various characters in the series. I hunted through the internet and for 13 of the major cast members, I found crossplay equivalents. I assembled them all below into this collection I think you’ll apprecaite.

To aid my hunt, if you come across a female Lando, Anakin or Jar Jar Binks, I’d be most appreciative. Gallery starts below:

Darth Vader

Luke, I AM your mother.

Luke Skywalker

Well, Luke-ish. This was a hard one to find.

Imperial Stormtroopers

I think I’ve found a weak spot in their armor.

Imperial Officer

As played by America’s Next Top Model and geek goddess Adrianne Curry.

C-3PO and R2-D2

Black Milk has us covered here.

  • Ugo Strange

    I’m okay with this.

  • ponder

    only one male cosplayer? 🙁

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  • Graeme

    wasn’t there a few women in the original trilogy?

  • Graeme

    ahhh there is also a page 2

  • Not to downplay the hard work these ladies have done on their abs, but I am so done with the midriff baring armor.

    That Chewbacca is exceptional.

  • Vera Campbell

    I know this was posted a long time ago, but I just found my Jedi picture on this site, and I’m afraid you don’t know anything about Star Wars! That is not a Luke Skywalker costume, but a JEDI costume. If you watch the prequel trilogy, you will see hundreds of Jedi Knights, including *gasp!* women.
    Might be time for you to rewatch the movies!

    (Also? Darth Vader NEVER said “Luke, I am your father”, it’s one of the most misquoted movie lines in history!)