Fond Kill Bill Memories


Now that I’ve seen these excellent prints from Conduit, I want to revisit Kill Bill 1 & 2 as it’s been too long, and I think I might appreciate them a bit more now that I’m a little older.

The series seen here takes some of the best lines from the two films (well, the one giant film split in half), and immortalizes them in yellow and black. If you go to Conduit’s site, you can see how he enhances them even further with a bit of framing trickery that’s rather cool.

Check out the other two below.



  • David R

    I revisited them sometime in the past year and really dug them more than I ever had when I was younger. I think that finally realizing they’re really not “action movies” in the traditional sense helped. Still minor Tarantino in comparison to his last two movies, but I think they mark a turning point in his career that I like.