Fly, You Fools! – New Zealand Air’s Hobbit Safety Video


We’ve all seen airline safety videos a thousand times at this point, but if you’re flying New Zealand Air, you’re going to be in for quite a different experience. The airline teamed up with Peter Jackson and WETA to produce this Hobbit-themed safety video to delight the tourists on their way their to see where LOTR and The Hobbit were filmed. Which is all of them.

The five minute video is exceptionally well made, as you might expect with WETA’s involvement. No cast cameos, but there is one prominent figure who shows up briefly.

Holy crap, did you see that elite business class section? They have footrests! Stupid American tin can airlines. Which I am boarding this afternoon as you’re probably reading this. Sigh. Sadly my United flight to Cleveland will probably not be full of hot elves.

  • MattChi

    I flew Air New Zealand on that same model plane earlier this year. Greatest Airline/Airplane I’ve ever flown with/on.

  • Is there a way you can embed these YouTube videos so you can click on them and go to the full YouTube site? I hate having to A) watch them in the tiny 360 pixel column this site has or B) going to Youtube’s homepage, then searching for the video.

  • Kay

    Long time lurker, had to comment. There is in fact one cast cameo, but not in costume: Dean O’Gorman, aka Fili, appears just before the “one prominent figure” you mention. The one who has the ring, not the pitiful creature looking for it.

    Don’t believe me? See: