Five Pretty Funny West Side Story Spoof Videos

West Side Story

It’s the most classic modern version of Romeo and Juliet in the history of cinema.  It’s been modeled after a gazillion times.  It’s been played in off broadway, high school auditoriums, and small theaters around the country for over 50 years.  It’s West Side Story.

And if there’s one play/movie that in today’s day and age has to be mocked, it’s West Side Story.  Yes, it’s a great play.  Yes, it’s a great example of love and different backgrounds clashing to overcome the odds.

But good God if it’s not the most flamboyant and homoerotic piece of “art” I have ever seen.

Here are five funny west side story spoof videos

West Bank Story


House of Buggin’ Spoof


Scrubs West Side Story


West Side Story Horror Trailer


Michael Jackson Plus West Side Story



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