5 Settings That Automatically Make a Movie Cooler


Have you ever watched a movie that was kind of so-so but really liked it anyway?  You rack your brain for reasons and have a tough time even understand why you liked it in the first place.  Then it hits you.  There’s just some cool elements in the film that you just have to like.  Don’t get me wrong, even great films will have these elements too.

The point is that despite mediocrity a movie can still be a success if given the proper treatment and setting.   I have chosen five particular settings that I think automatically makes a movie cool.

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Unless we’re talking about some kind of lame ass “Women in Heat” B-movie kind of a film, most movies that contain prison wind up being kind of cool in my book.  Shawshank is probably the greatest prison movie of all time but even The Rock which is a Bruckheimer creation was awesome simply because of the prison factor.  It’s just cool to be behind bars.  Hell even Undisputed which was a horrible movie wound up being cool just because it was set in jail.

The Future


There’s just something cool about the future no matter how positive or grim it is portrayed as.   Anything having to do with a time period we don’t know or understand always seems to end up being interesting.  Whether it’s Children of Men or Gattaca I love the fact that I’m taken into a world that we can only dream of in film.

Other Planets/Space


From serious action films like Star Wars to joke movies like Spaceballs, other planets are just awesome.   Even if they look like Earth they’re still cool.  I just love the Alien factor and the “life out there” stuff.  Look at Alien.  Look at stuff like Event Horizon.  Even bad space movies are good in some respects for the mere fact that space is explored.

“One Location”

Angry Men

12 Angry Men takes place in a jury room.   Phone Booth takes place all from a phone booth.    I highly respect the ability and courage a filmmaker has to attempt a movie like this.  It’s very risky but rarely have I seen a film with a setting like this that I didn’t at least find intriguing.

Ancient Rome/Greece


When you see love affair movies or “period pieces” they always seem to take place in wussy times or locations like England or France or something.  But when you see badass action films with wars, blood, and absolute manliness they seem to point to Ancient Greece or Rome.  Case in point?  Gladiator, 300, Troy.  And I think moving forward there will be more of these.


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