Fine, I’ll Say It: This is a Crappy Trailer for Lincoln


Yes, everyone is super excited for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which will almost assuredly have Daniel Day Lewis win another Oscar for his make-up job alone. I, too am looking forward to the film, but I have to say that good lord, Spielberg needs to remember how to fashion a compelling trailer.

What we see above is “War Horse with Abraham Lincoln,” as in, way, way too much melodrama and random, unmeaningful scenes strung together with John Williams playing over them. Not to say that the movie won’t be good, but this trailer is a bit too¬†saccharin for me. And after seeing War Horse? I’m worried Spielberg might be going a bit too sentimental for his own good lately.

Perhaps this is all blasphemy, but I had to say something. Hopefully future trailers will inspire more confidence than this one.


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